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Mini Jumbo Metal Dispenser

Mini Jumbo Metal Dispenser

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Zintex Metal PC range has the feel of stainless but at a more competitive cost. A favourite of cleaning service companies, these dispensers resist fingerprints and are simple to clean and maintain.

Dimensions: Height: 268mm x Width: 249mm x Depth: 125mm

This product is available in 3 variations. Please see the ‘additional information’ tab below to learn more.


Additional Information

Mini Jumbo Silver Dispenser

Product ID: 5000629S


Mini Jumbo Black Metal Dispenser

Product ID: 5000629B



Mini Jumbo White Metal Dispenser

Product ID: 500629W

Mini Silver Jumbo Dispenser | Product ID: 5006295

Black Metal Jumbo Dispenser | Product ID: 5006298

White Metal Jumbo Dispenser | Product ID: 500629W